iParagon LLC is an Emmett, Idaho based firm specializing in software engineering, internet development and web hosting solutions.

Founded on July 1, 1993, iParagon is comprised of telecommuting computer industry experts from all over the United States, with an excellent balance of business analysts, systems specialists, web designers, programmers, graphic artists, technical writers and data engineers.

iParagon may be unique in that we do not have a marketing or sales department, yet our people have developed integrated state-of-the-art software and web solutions for (among others):

We think we have been successful in the past primarily for two reasons:

  • We believe that running a business involves establishing a reputation for offering quality products and services at reasonable prices. We also believe that the most important aspect of that reputation is integrity.

  • A "total" team of business, systems, database, programming, testing and training specialists are involved in every project, from start to finish. We work in a "Rapid Application Development" (RAD) environment that normally allows us to complete projects in about 50% less time, charge far less, and yet offer substantially better quality.

We, quite simply, love to create world-class software and web sites, and our goal is to be the very best at it.  Please feel free to contact us with any comments, suggestions or questions you have concerning iParagon, and thank you once again for visiting.

Ken Larkin 


"What do you do when you see an endangered animal eating an endangered plant?"
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